Sunday, November 30, 2008

Piebald Whitetail Deer

This weekend was relatively uneventful. We went to the WV place, as we often do. Hubby did lots of little chores. I did lots of nothing.

The only real excitement happened today as we were leaving. That's when we saw this...

It's a whitetail deer with piebald coloring. According to this article, whitetail deer actually come in five different colors. Brown is the most common. Then there are piebald (think a pinto pony), albino, white, and melanistic (really dark).

A neighbor told me a long time ago that they'd seen a white deer. It was just a matter of time before we saw it, too, I guess.

The pictures aren't great 'cause we were in the truck and I was zoomed in pretty far. But they're clear enough to give you an idea how weird it looked.

Gun season runs through December 6 in West Virginia. Let's hope this one survives.

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  1. I never even considered the possibility that deer came in colors other than brown. Pretty cool, but like you said, not if it's hunting season. No wonder you don't see white deer more often.


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