Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Christmas, Hon

Image courtesy of Rob (NOT from Baltimore, by the way)

There's a tradition in Baltimore I've never experienced in person. That will change this year. I absolutely must see this for myself. Maybe I'll even drag some grandkids along.

There's a small set of Flickr images I found, thanks to Shannon, which will give you a brief glimpse.

You can also see the Miracle on 34th Street Flickr pool.

Or you could experience it via this little slideshow I found:
Excess on 34th Street

Either way you look at it, Baltimore's 34th Street is the ultimate in tackiness. But it is intentional and all in good fun.

If I do get to visit, as I hope, I'll take some pics of my own to share here.

Until then, remember... only 24 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!


  1. I've wanted to take the kids to see that for the past couple years and I haven't had a chance. It would be great if you took them! Shannon took me a few years ago and it was amazing!

  2. 34th street is a blast!!! If you do go, try to find a parking spot and walk. So much better than just driving by. I love heading over there!

  3. I agree that walking the street is way better. A lot of the houses are open to the public so you can go inside, too, and check out even more christmas craziness. Plus, some of the residents are artists, so you get a mini art exhibit at the same time! :-)


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