Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do Dogs Mourn?

We're all slowly adjusting to life without C. We're not forgetting about her (not possible), just trying to work around the hole her passing has left in our lives.

I put together a sad-but-cute video -- only two minutes long -- showing one aspect of how Meg has to learn to adjust. I'm not sure this is mourning behaviour per se, but it's certainly one example of the many little, everyday things we didn't anticipate would remind us that C is gone.

There's a lot of text at the beginning, but reading it is necessary for you to "get" what's going on in the video. There's music, too, so adjust your volume before clicking the play arrow.

The first video is the high-resolution version for people with fast Internet connections...

I also posted a lower-resolution for folks with slower connections...

They are both the same video, just with different playback quality.

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