Friday, October 17, 2008

My Food-Obsessed Dog

My dog Meg will eat ANYTHING.

Trust me when I say, you don't want the details on that one.

It never ceases to amaze me what lengths she will go to for what she considers to be a tasty treat.

Take this series of photos as an example...

She's licking a grill brush.

You know, one of those brushes with sharp, wire bristles.
Can you imagine touching your tongue with that?
How about licking it? I know I can't.

It was actually pretty funny watching her.
The thing was moving. It was almost as if she was
trying play that bite-an-apple-on-a-string game.

She was quite determined.

I was almost convinced she wasn't going to full-out lick the thing.

I thought maybe she'd get frustrated and give up.

I was wrong.
Apparently she was just trying to get the angle right.
(That white blob in the shot is my other dog, C.)

Then I started wondering when her tongue would start bleeding.
I mean, tongues are sort of tender, right?

I just knew bloodshed was inevitable.

I was wrong again.
That doesn't happen often.
Me being wrong, that is.
Just ask Hubby.

Wait. What's this!?!

For a minute, actually a very quick second,
I thought C, more mentally unstable than Meg
but way, WAY pickier about what she puts
in her mouth, was going to join in.

She didn't.

Right about then, I got tired of watching.

I made the dumb-ass stop licking the grill brush.

And that's where today's post ends.

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