Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Riot of Color

Can you guess what I love most about Fall? Aside from the cool, crisp air that is? The colors of course!

Not just in the leaves either. Check out this cool sunset photo I took while en route to WV on Friday.

I risked life and limb to get that shot by the way. I had to pull off onto the shoulder of the road--Route 32--at a place near Fort Meade, Maryland where there are signs posted about every ten feet saying, "Do Not Stop Here. Ever. We will shoot you. No questions asked."

The signs don't say that exactly. But that's what they mean. I had to stop though. The colors were amazing.

I shot the above picture at our WV place. The foliage there is much closer to peak than at our house in Maryland. Which means I get to experience three autumns this year (New England, West Virginia and Maryland).

Here's another neat shot. I love how blue the sky looks. I did not bump-up the saturation with Photoshop either. It's all about the angle of the sun.

This is one of my artsy, grass shots.

If you want to see a few more images from this past weekend, go to my Flickr site. I'll post more one day, when I am rid of this cold I seem to have picked up somewhere, which is making me feel like I am walking through a mental fog...

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