Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Candidate for a Real Change

I usually try to avoid discussing politics with people I know. I mean, I've got this nice, pleasant, laid-back persona to uphold, right? I'm not argumentative by nature. I'm not the jump-on-a-bandwagon type either.

Of course, there was this post, but it wasn't about politics really. It was just a cute kid in a t-shirt.

But times are changing. That means I need to change. We all need to change. We need to be honest, smart.

You REALLY need to think about who you want in office. Democrats? Republicans? Or an independent candidate like this one? (UPDATE: this link should take you to a page where a video, which is a joke by the way, loads quickly. It currently is not working. I suspect this thing got way more traffic than expected and the server admin probably disabled it. I have a feeling it was posted on said server without the admin's permission anyway. Sorry you missed it. It was funny! Or so I thought.)


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