Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can You Say "Republican"?

I'm not into politics. I had to say that up front just so we're clear that the purpose of this post is not to share my political views. I just had to share this photo.

I'm a t-shirt kind of girl. I especially like funny t-shirts. Put a cute little kid like this one in a funny t-shirt and I totally cannot resist him.

This is not my child, by the way. Or my grandchild. It's not some random kid off the playground either. This budding young Republican is the child of a friend. Said friend shall remain nameless. You should know, though, that I DID NOT bully this friend into letting me post the picture. She asked for it.

Though this really isn't about politics, while we're bashing the Democrats...

Check out this image that says lots of folks don't think Obama is experienced enough.

This picture is kind of funny, too. Just a little.

Here's one that made me laugh out loud.

And one that just sort of gives me the willies.

Since I really am not into politics, I'll stop. It's time for bed anyway.

Please, by all means, share this post with a friend. And tell them to share, too. This little guy is just too cute not to pass around!


  1. The 46 year old political virgin picture is the one that gave me the willies. It's like it's Barack, but not Barack. Hard to explain, but. . .ick.

  2. You know, you're right. That is sort of creepy. Funny, too, though. (-:


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