Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Beginnings

Yesterday was a big day in the ToadMama household. A big, big day. The beginning of a new chapter in Hubby's life. He started his new job. And, even after only one day of orientation, he thinks he's really going to like it.

"I met about 50 people today," Hubby reported, as he was telling the family about day one. "And they were all really excited about me joining. It's been a long time since anyone was excited about having me work for them."

That just reiterates the fact that his former employers were idiots. It was WAY past time for him to get out of there.

On another front... I do have lots of pics to share from this past weekend. But not enough time right now to get them all posted. So I'll just share a few. They're all nature photos. I like nature. And since this blog is letting you experience the world through my eyes, well, here's the kind of stuff I see.

First, a big, fat toad. He (or she, I didn't look THAT closely) was on our porch in WV two evenings in a row.

Next, a pretty neat butterfly picture. That's a SOLDIER BEETLE flying in the background. More on that later this week...

Here's my favorite ladybug pic. Entomologists call them lady beetles, but that just sounds stupid. "Ladybug" rolls off the tongue better. I think it sounds more natural, too.

And the final bit of nature for today is just another butterfly picture. It's not a super close-up or anything, I just like the composition of the picture and the vibrant colors.

I hope you enjoyed today's nature shots. Trust me when I say there are MORE nature shots yet to come. And a weird story, too. I'll try to get that posted tomorrow.

P.S. - Did anyone notice anything strange about the family photo from my Local Photoshop Disasters post? I thought for sure at least one person would comment...

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  1. Well I'm glad to hear Dad's first day went well!

    And I have to say that I like the ladybug photo best - but I'm biased when it comes to ladybugs - you know that!

    I'm interested to hear about this beetle story now...


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