Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Just Nature, Baby.

So, in yesterday's post, I told you I had lots of nature pics to share. I was going to post them all here. That is until I realized I had more than 30 to share. Even I think that's a lot of pics for a blog. And I'm a photo nut.

Anyway... I also mentioned the soldier beetle yesterday. Why? Well, 'cause they're in lots of my pictures.

I was walking with the dogs at our WV place, camera in hand, enjoying the very tall, yellow wildflowers growing in abundance along our driveway. Along the road, too. Me being me, I took a closer look and saw this.

Not too remarkable, eh? Then I saw this.

Um, well, me being me, of course I thought to myself, "Heh, heh, look. Bug sex." (There's a kid in all of us you know.)

So I kept looking. The more I looked, the more bug sex I witnessed.

There are lots of yellow flowers. And there were copulating bugs on just about every flower I saw.

Going to town.

I was amazed. Not just at the numbers, but how densely congregated they were.

Next year, I'm thinking there will be lots of baby soldier beetles.

This wider-angle view might give you a better idea as to how many active couples there were.

That one branch of ONE plant, had more than a dozen active couples (go ahead and click on the picture for a close-up, you know you want to).

And there are hundreds of plants! It wasn't just soldier beetles, either. Check this out...

Amazing. I'd stumbled upon a bug orgy. And I couldn't resist photographing all of it. Now I feel, well, sort of dirty.

The session wasn't really all about graphic images of bug sex, but practicing close-up shots. I'm amazed how clear the pictures turned out. Considering I was holding the camera in my hand with no tripod and there was a slight breeze.

Here are a few more cool ones...

If you want to see the entire collection, visit my "Nature" album on Picasa. The SLIDESHOW is the fastest way to see the pics. You can also click on any of the photos above to see a larger view.

I hope you enjoyed the show!


  1. I really like the spiderweb picture. That looks pretty cool. But I also think the dew drops on the grass look neat too!

    I can't wait to see the pics when you're in Maine!!

  2. Oooh, LOVE the last picture of rain/dew!


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