Sunday, July 27, 2008

Northumberland, Pennsylvania

I took my Aunt Doris back home to Northumberland on Saturday. My Mom and my Aunt Kathy went along for the ride.

This picture shows my Aunt Kathy Evans (nee Saxton) and Great Uncle Jack Leighow standing. Seated on the swing, left to right are my Mom, Doris Reichard (nee Saxton), My Great Aunt Doris Leighow (nee Shannon) and me.

It was a very nice trip. Three generations of women trapped in a car for two and a half hours was the perfect opportunity for us to catch up and reminisce. And share some stories that had us all giggling along the way.

We asked Aunt Doris to give us a quick tour of the town. To show us old landmarks and such.

We were almost there when she turned to me and asked, "Would you like to see where Thelma (her sister and my Grandma) went to housekeeping?"

"Um," I replied with a pause, "sure. But what does that mean?"

They all got a chuckle from that one. "Housekeeping" is what they used to say when referring to newlyweds living in their first house.

We couldn't find the place. Aunt Doris thinks it was torn down. But we did see some other landmarks. One of the things we saw was my great grandmother's old house. That's Grandma's mother, who lived into her 90s, too.

You can see all of the photos if you visit my Picasa web album. I have got to take my son up there for a visit. Uncle Jack is quite a character. Eric would LOVE him!

I'll close with a picture I took of some flowers that were catercorner from my great grandparents' (Saxton) house.


  1. It sounds like you had a nice trip up there. I'll have to look at the pictures later - I gotta get a little work done while Joey is sleeping!

  2. Yep, the trip was fun. It did us all good, I think. Especially Aunt Kathy. The last two months were hardest on her.


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