Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anywhere But Here

It is early on Tuesday. I'm not feeling much like working. In fact, I'm sitting here, sipping my coffee, wishing I were anywhere but here right now.

I'd take a picture to show you my office, but it is messy. So just use your imagination. Imagine me in a 10 x 10 room (approximate), painted green. I am sitting at my fake-wood desk, blond in color, with my feet up on the file cabinet that sits to the left of my desk. CeCe, my oldest dog, is curled up under my desk. Moses, my oldest cat, is curled up across the room on a dog pillow. Muffin, the younger cat, is on the recliner, which is also green. I'm not sure where exactly Meg is, but trust me when I say she isn't far away.

I just finished reading some OPBs (other peoples' blogs), which is probably why I am feeling this way. I blame it all on Scary, of Scary's West, for posting things like this. I'd love to spend some time hanging out in that cabin!

And then there's this post, too. My world is so different (sigh).

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things I love about my life. Like Hubby, for example. And my kids, of course. And grandkids. And the rest of the family (parents, pets, extended family, etc.).

I'm not crazy about living in Maryland; I yearn to go west. West Virginia is a start, I guess. I'll be riding up there tomorrow.

It is far too crowded here. And loud. And hectic. (Imagine another big sigh.)

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be? The photo below was taken last year on a whirlwind tour of Zion National Park. I can see myself there, strolling along the road. A backpack full of camera equipment and water slung over my right shoulder. My tripod hitting me on the back of my legs as I amble along, scanning the scenery for just the right camera angle.

Like I said before... anywhere but here. Where would you rather be?


  1. not sure exactly, but i've been dreaming of running away for awhile now - maybe Portland, or Seattle, or somewhere else. also not here

  2. Ah, the Pacific Northwest. Nice to daydream about, eh? You'll get there one day!

  3. Where but not here?

    I've been giving this way too much thought...
    But to no avail :(

    Thirty some odd years ago I decided that I liked every place west of the Mississippi better than "back east". I've narrowed that down a good bit, I'm not particularly crazy about the "flat lands" - Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and the like. I'm still fond of Oklahoma primarily because it was was first "western experience" and I'm a nostalgic kinda guy.

    There are so many possibilities that I find it very difficult to say I like one place better than another. Even after all of the thought, I'll still have to pick a region as opposed to a place. So the answer is...

    The Southwest - AZ, NM, UT, TX maybe even OK and CO.

    Can we move now?


  4. No, but we can dream.

    I like Utah and Southern Colorado, too. But they don't have any Killer Whales to watch!

  5. I think that was an Alaska hint!


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