Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'd Rather Be in West Virginia

Continuing with yesterday's Anywhere But Here theme...

As most of my loyal readers know, Hubby and I built a house in West Virginia. Literally. Over a period of three years, we spent every free weekend there laboring away.

Our WV property is just under six acres. We're a two-mile drive from the main road, surrounded by woods on all sides. There's a road below the ridge behind us--Poland Hollow Road--but with only a few houses, the road isn't very busy.

This is why we feel pretty safe letting our dogs roam free. They never go very far and usually don't stay away from the homestead very long. They both enjoy it there. Meg likes it far more than C. In fact, Meg LOVES it. Her tail usually wags for hours after we arrive.

Meg really is a country dog at heart. The girl loves to run. In WV there's space to do just that. She's in her element.

I always tell people that she pouts when we are at home in Maryland. Today's picture is evidence. That's pretty much how she looks all week. Until she sees us packing, that is. Then she perks up considerably and is once more her usual, crazy self.

Today I'll be heading to WV (hopefully) on my motorcycle. Hubby will follow tomorrow in the truck, bringing all our gear and the girls. The plan is to spend a four-day weekend in WV with our good friends the Spices. Riding our motorcycles by day and relaxing by night.

In other words, we FINALLY get to do what the WV place was built for.

I won't be posting for a few days. There's no Internet connectivity unless I ride into town and visit the library. But maybe I'll have some good pictures when we get back.


On another note ...

Today is my Dad's 70th birthday.


Not that he'll see this. He isn't computer minded. But I thought the world should know.

Besides, maybe my Mom, who is computer minded, will see this and say, "Hey, look. You made it to the Internet today. Now the whole world will know it is your birthday."

If only the whole world read my silly little Blog.


  1. I hope you don't/didn't get rained on on your way to WV. Happy relaxing!

  2. I am still in MD. Surprise, surprise. My project didn't get approved until right before 5:00 and by then it was too late to leave. I saw a bunch of rain on the weather radar and chose to stay home. It is a good thing, too. There were tornadoes in the area!!!

    I called our neighbor. Our house and the immediate are is fine. I was a bit freaked for a bit.

    I'll be leaving bright and early tomorrow and working all day from there. Then Friday and Monday I'll be off. Yay!!!


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