Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breaking News!!!

I FINALLY updated my Web site. The last post was way back in May. Check it out to see all the latest WV images.


  1. Lots of pictures - yay! I've probably already forgotten the comments I wanted to make, but here goes:

    Dead snakes - yuck!

    Picket fence headboard - pretty cool!

    Doggies trying to figure out doggy door - funny. :-)

    And. . .that's all I remember. Thanks for the catch up. Can't wait to see it in person.

  2. mrsmac, thanks for visiting! When you get back stateside, you'll have to come see the WV place in person.

    shannon, I am looking forward to your visit. I did remember that I owe you a list of things to do around here. It will be short! Just bring some books and enjoy the peace and quiet. We'll figure something out.

  3. Just remind Shannon if she's looking for peace and quite NOT to come up when me and the kids do - because my kids don't know what quite is!!


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