Friday, July 25, 2008

Traveling Back in History

I had an interesting day yesterday. I drove, with my Mom, to Northumberland, Pennsylvania, to pick up my Great Aunt Doris so she could attend Grandma's funeral.

Aunt Doris, Grandma's sister, is 83. She was either going to ride the bus from Northumberland to Baltimore or have her husband, Jack, also 83, bring her. Apparently Jack's top speed in a car is about 40. The AVERAGE speed on Baltimore metropolitan highways is probably about 75.

We all decided it would be much safer for everyone if I just went to get her.

Grandma--her name is Thelma Saxton, by the way--was born in Northumberland. That's where she met my grandfather, Frank Saxton (he passed away in 1985). They married and had three children. All of them were conceived in Northumberland, and I am pretty sure at least the oldest two--Aunt Susan and my Mom--were born there before they moved to Baltimore around 1940.

Grandpa, "Patty" to his friends, worked for the railroad. They were the first people on their block to get a telephone because Grandpa was always on call. It was a party line. They were also the first to get their own line once the party line became too busy.

Anyway... time is short. I wasn't thinking clearly and did not take my camera along for the ride yesterday. Tomorrow, when I take Aunt Doris home, I will. Let's see how many cool images I come home with!

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