Thursday, July 10, 2008

What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

"Blogs of Note" is one of the cooler things Blogger does, in my humble opinion. Their words best describe the purpose of the list ... Interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the Blogger Team. It is updated daily and every now and then I check out the offerings.

That's how I discovered Scary's West, which is one of the Blogs I recommend in my collection of links better known as Other People's Blogs. Some of the Blogs are cool and totally suck me in. Others are, um, weird.

Now, I know that I haven't quite found my posting niche. There's no real purpose for this Blog. But it gives me something to do. Yet another of my many hobbies I never have enough time for! (I just wish I'd started it years ago so I could've documented the WV Project here instead of on my Web site.)

When my Blog "grows up" and becomes a really interesting Blog that thousands of people visit every day, I want to appear in Blogs of Note. In the meantime, I'll just post random pictures and talk about stupid stuff like how I aspire for this to be a Blog of Note.

Until then, here's another random picture. I was going through holiday pictures a while ago and found this one of me and my Grandma from Christmas 2007.

Earlier this evening, though I am not sure why this thought popped into my brain, I realized I've never really posted any pictures of Hubby. Of course, he was in some of the vacation pics, but those were incidentals. I think I should post one of just him all by himself. On purpose. My latest favorite of him is below...

I'm not sure why I like it so much. He doesn't look particularly happy (though I know he was). Maybe it's just because I caught him off guard and he doesn't have that "do-you-have-to-take-ANOTHER-picture" look.

Anyway, I'm interested to see if others like the picture, too. Click on "comments" below and let me know.


  1. You're right - I think he doesn't look really happy but I think it captures his "every day" look. Not that he's looks unhappy every day....ok never mind!! I like it too.

  2. He's squinting which makes it look like he's frowning. But if you look closely, there's actually a smile there! :-) You're right, though, about needing to catch him off guard because otherwise he makes a goofy face. Nice picture.


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