Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Now that the holidays are over, it will be interesting to see just how long it takes the girls to readjust to my work schedule.

This scene was repeated over and over yesterday. It's a good thing I wasn't busy...

My girls can be quite demanding at times. After I'd let them out a gazillion times, all K wanted was to sit on my lap. Having her there tends to put a crimp in my typing speed, however.

With my handy new point-and-shoot, which I can keep by my side at all times, I snapped a couple shots of K on my lap. Then, last night, I did some editing with PS Elements and this is what I ended up with...

I applied some different lighting, color and texture effects. Then I framed it. What do you think?

I took Wednesday off to go skiing with my baby boy. I am determined to take advantage of some $21 all-day lift ticket specials this year.

Wish me luck. It's still damn cold. Tomorrow's forecasted high is 20 degrees with snow showers and some wind, so it will feel like 8 degrees. If I dress appropriately, all should be fine. Right?

Snow conditions are great. They've had 63" so far this year and expect some more overnight tonight. We'll be driving out to the WV place this evening if all goes as planned. That's about an hour away from Wisp and just outside the snow belt, so we shouldn't have any problems.

If you want to see how things are going for us on Wednesday, check out the Wisp web cams.


  1. Wow, 20 degrees Fahrenheit? In Trivandrum today it was 28 degrees Celsius! :-) Have fun skiing!

  2. I tried the website to see if I could spot you on the webcams, but I got an error... Too bad - I really wanted to see you on skis!! :-) Love the doggy movie, by the way.


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