Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Got to Hold TWO Puppies

The family that served as K's foster family while she was still in rescue are fostering a young French Brittany mother and her two pups. I have always wanted to see a Brittany puppy. Other than Max, a friend's yellow lab, I'd never held any puppy, much less tiny little 4-week-old puppies like these!

Comet (shown on left) is the bigger of the two. He's a boy. Dancer, shown on right, is a girl.

I like Dancer's little freckled nose. Here she is all wrapped in a towel after I rocked her to sleep.

The first time we went down to see the puppies, we left K upstairs. She was not happy. She cried the whole time I was gone. So, when we got back upstairs, she wanted to hang out with me. Emily sat on the floor, too, and soon we were surrounded by critters. Other than me spinning K around to face the camera, this shot was not posed. Isn't it hysterical that even the cat got in there?

K was such a good passenger. On the way home, after stopping at my parents' house, I stopped at a pit beef stand to get dinner. I asked if I could have a couple of little scraps for K. They gave me a bag with at least a pound and a half of beef, ham, turkey and corned beef scraps. Thanks to K, all of the dogs ate well last night!

I created a slide show using some of the pix from yesterday. I did it with Photoshop Elements, and it was super-easy. If you are looking for an inexpensive but powerful piece of image editing software, that's the one I would recommend.

I had hoped to stop at Conowingo Dam on the way home for some eagle pix, but, as you'll see in the slideshow, it was ungodly cold. Most have left the dam to head for their nests. Eagles lay their eggs in mid-January. Wanna see some Eagles nesting, laying eggs and hatching the chicks? Follow the Eagle Cam link I just installed in the right navigation bar at the bottom.

NOTE: There's an error in my slideshow.

The picture of two dogs labeled Hannah and Brandy
should read Bella and Brandy. Sorry, Jenn!


  1. The pictures of the Puppies were precious. Hmmm! 2 of them, if I would chose one I think it would be Dancer. Kathy which one do you think you will be taking?

    Coming across the Dam did look very cold and as for me, I would had kept going or I would been so frozen I would had been a piece of ICE. Those pictures were awesome also.

    Mom (Mawsie)

  2. If I had to choose, I'd pick Dancer because I like her freckled nose. And she's a girl. A boy would be completely outnumbered here. Not that I would even consider a puppy. Mike said before I left for PA, if I bring a puppy home not to even bother coming home! LOL.

    We love all of our girls, but three dogs is quite enough.


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