Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Will They Think of Next?

In yesterday's post, I mentioned briefly that I got a doggie cam for Christmas. I also shared this shot of Meg wearing said doggie cam.

Surprisingly, no one called me a geek. All of my doggie friends (people with dogs) thought it was cool. And since many of my doggie friends are regular readers, I thought I would share some pics today.

But first, some background.

Hubby stumbled across this camera on the Web a while back. Of course, I said, "Awesome! You totally have to get me one of those!" And then I promptly forgot about it.

Since I have such an awesome Hubby, he actually remembered. Imagine my delight when I unwrapped my very own Pet's Eye View Camera.

I tried it out on all three dogs yesterday. But I was having technical difficulties. It took me a while to figure out that you need to delete and/or reset the camera after you download the pics. So I didn't get nearly as many cool shots as I wanted. Like I for sure thought Belle would have captured several images of me with the Little Green Machine sucking dog puke out of the carpet. And I just knew Meg would have pics of me retrieving the poopsicles from the yard. But, no. I'll have to try again today to see if I can catch some similar excitement.

Here are some closer views of the camera itself. It is a low-resolution camera. LOW RESOLUTION. That means it needs lot of light to work well. Images will not be crystal-clear (think grainy security camera images as seen on COPS.).

I knew this, so was not surprised that many of the images were too dark or blurry to decipher. But the pups did manage to capture some fun (sort of) stuff.

This is the door to my office as seen from a doggie bed.

This is K's nose. The camera does hang from their neck. So if your dog sniffs the ground a lot like mine do, you'll see a lot of this.

Here you can see the yard relatively clearly.

This is Belle's nose. Don't you just love the way the sun hits her whiskers and her hairy little little lips?

I'm pretty sure it was Belle who captured this lovely image of K's feet as she flew down the hall.

This is a very clear image (probably as clear as it will get), which I know was taken while the photographer was sitting on the top step, waiting to be let back into the house.

This is one of those fun images that take some concentration to decipher. Seriously. It is clearly inside the house. But what is it? Hmmm.

Hubby gets the prize for figuring out that it is the bottom of my office chair. From a pet's eye view, of course.

Here's a clearer image for you.

Not all images will be clear, or even remotely clear. If your dog sleeps a lot and has floppy ears, chances are good you'll get a lot of black images, which are actually the inside of the dog's ear flap while it sleeps.

You'll also get lots of images like this. Unless you have a dog that sits still a lot. Low-resolution cameras do not handle motion well.

If you look really hard at the above picture, you might realize that's me in the upper right-hand corner, bending over. Or maybe not.

I'm pretty sure K captured this one. She often sits at the top of the steps, just outside my office door, because she can see out of the window.

Anyway... as you can see, none of these shots are great. But it's a toy. That's all.

You will not catch lovely candid images like this one...

...which was not only taken with my very high-resolution camera using a flash, but was also edited with PS Elements.

Of course, if you are creative like me, maybe you can use some of your pet's images to create abstract art. Like I did above.

You just might be able to find someone willing to pay a lot of money for this shit. I mean, for this art.


  1. Never heard of these cameras before I read your blog--interesting. I think if I had them on my dogs, it would show them sleeping in one position all day long! Kelly M

  2. Wow. I'd like to get some action shots of Maddie and Lexi play fighting. It would probably result in lots of teeth...tongue...and maybe an ass or two...a cat's paw...the possibilities are endless! I love it.


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