Thursday, December 31, 2009

Um, Is That Normal?

Sometimes, when I post pictures like this of my dogs...

...people wonder if they are vicious killers. They probably wonder about me, too, posting pictures of what might look to many like two dogs fighting.

Normal people might not post pictures like this.

Some people might think this behavior and these images are inappropriate.

Personally, I find the behavior entertaining. And the pictures! Some of the pictures are hilarious. I find them so hilarious specifically because they make the girls look so ferocious and mean.

These dogs are not fighting. They are playing. Wrestling. (Or "wrastling" as my Dad would say.)

They may look like blood-thirsty killers at times, like in this shot, which just might be one of my all-time favorites (yes, it's the same as the first image in this post)...

...but both Belle (on left) and K are complete and total sweethearts. There's not a mean bone in either of their bodies. They just really like to wrastle!

Here's some proof for you. An actual video of Belle and K in action, which was taken earlier today. K does emit one short bark in the beginning, but other than tags jingling and a little growling, the sound is minimal.

I wish I'd had a video camera when we had all of that snow on the ground!

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  1. They actually listen when you tell them to go play because you're working! :-)


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