Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Putting My Foot in My ...

... mouth seems to be a habit of mine. I don't do it regularly, thank goodness, but when I do it, I do it. It's not that I am trying to be mean or anything. Just that I sometimes say things that offend people.

This time it was someone I don't even know. Someone I've never even met. I didn't even know her name until today. Not that I'm going to broadcast that name here...

I'll just call her SpunkyMom. She's the "older" woman I mentioned in my day-after-Thanksgiving post who had adopted K before us, but returned her after a couple of weeks. I reported in that obnoxious post that SpunkyMom had returned K after realizing "K has way too much energy."

I didn't choose SpunkyMom as a moniker for nothing.

SpunkyMom is actually one of my blog fans. She checks it out regularly to get K updates. (See, people? I told you there are folks that LIKE reading all the dog stuff and seeing the pics I post.)

SpunkyMom has not been able to comment for some reason (you are not alone, Spunky!). So she asked K's foster Mom to pass along this message:
"... I am not an old woman – I’m 65 years young with a young 40 year old daughter living at home with me and I didn’t give her up because she was too energetic for me but because I loved her so much in those two short weeks, loved her enough to realize she was unhappy being alone all day while we were at work – she cried when we left and often cried during the day according to the neighbors – and I wanted her to be happy – I knew she needed someone home during the day to be with her."
I really don't think SpunkyMom was offended, as in P-O'd. I think she just wanted to set the record straight. I admire that. I also admire the fact that she did, in fact, do the right thing. I can't imagine K being crated or even just left home alone all day.

Here's K on my lap as I work.

Typically, with rescue groups like NBRAN and ABR, adopters are required to sign a contract. One of the things on the contract has to do with allowing a six-month adjustment period. Sometimes, dogs have issues that just need time to resolve. I have to admit, I almost returned Meg. Until CeCe's foster mom, who I must have been whining to, reminded me of the six-month commitment.

Belle and K sleeping while I work.

Anyway... not all dogs fit all homes. The being home alone thing and crying thing weren't going to be resolved any time soon. NBRAN, being the responsible, dog-centric organization that it is, realized this and agreed that K could be returned.

SpunkyMom was right. Apparently no one realized K is a dog with separation anxiety (mild, I think). She lucked out finding a home with another young, energetic dog and me, a "regional employee" that works from my home office. Not to mention Hubby, aka "Dad." (I am "Mama" to the dogs.)

I mentioned the six-month commitment for a very specific reason. To point out that a lesser person, NOT someone like SpunkyMom, might have just dumped K somewhere. They might have been embarrassed to admit defeat. Or afraid they would never get the opportunity to adopt another dog.

So... the point of this long, rambling post is to tell SpunkyMom I am sorry. I assumed it was an energy thing mainly because I know I probably wouldn't be able to keep K sufficiently exercised if it weren't for Belle. The girl likes to run.

Actually, SpunkyMom, I should also thank you. Because K really is a perfect fit here. She's not a perfect dog, but none of her issues are insurmountable. And we do enjoy having her.

I promise to never again infer that you are old. Please feel free to check in for K updates.

- - - - -

I can't remember if I posted these here previously. The images that follow are examples of what has become typical behavior during my workday teleconferences.

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