Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Just HAD to Share

Every now and then I come across stuff on the Internet that I just feel compelled to share with people. It could be something that touched my heart, or that I found disgusting, or humorous, or unbelievable. It could be anything that I read and thought to myself, "This is so good/interesting/funny/amusing/unbelievable/sad that I have to share it."

Like this secret I saw when I read this week's PostSecret blog:
Dear Frank,

Sunday I was with my boyfriend (we are both young Christians). I grabbed his laptop to go to the postsecret website. As I typed in the postsecret address the computer filled in the url with a pornography website.

I used my boyfriend's laptop again to look up postsecret and the computer filled in the url with recently visited sites about pre and post nuptial agreements.

In my attempts to read other people's secrets, I discovered his.
New secrets are posted every Sunday, which I why I didn't just link to this particular secret.

Hopefully the person who submitted this secret has sense enough to RUN, not walk, away from this man.

Here's something completely unrelated to the secret I shared with you above...

Now that we have three dogs, Hubby and I decided it might be a good idea to do some actual dog training.

Hubby has already started working on K so that she comes when he blows the whistle. She's getting it, but is easily distracted and, therefore, much harder to train than Meg and Belle.

It's not that Meg and Belle aren't trained. They know the basic stuff like "sit" and "down" and "come." But they're both bad about jumping on people to greet them. Belle is a barker. Neither of them know how to "stay" when told.

Since K is a more-challenging dog, I decided to look for a good, comprehensive dog training manual. I even went to the bookstore the other day, but didn't find one I liked. Then, last night, I stumbled across this ASPCA Web page, which has lots of articles on dog behavior. It is not just about training dogs either. There's a whole list of topics on understanding various dog behaviors, too. There's also information on rehoming a dog to help people decide if getting rid of there dog is really necessary and, if so, the proper way to go about rehoming.

There is a lot of good information there. If you have a dog, please visit the aforementioned informational page to see if there's anything that can help you.

Now, you know I had to share at least one video, right?

Following is the most inappropriate zoo commercial EVER...

Yes, it's a real commercial. And there are more like it for your viewing displeasure at

Let's not forget my mission to find totally taste-free Christmas stuff...

I think that's enough sharing for today.


  1. I'm gonna go perhaps against the grain here regarding the PostSecret and say that I don't necessarily think that the woman should leave the man (as you suggest). I don't think that pornography is always inherently bad and I do think that sometimes pre- or post- nuptial agreements can be good things. I just think that her knowing these things about her future husband is an opening to a conversation that may not have happened otherwise. His *response* during this conversation may be a reason to leave him, but that's another story altogether.

  2. Shan, you do have a point. But it is not the porn that disturbs me, or the pre/post-nuptial agreement. Neither of things are inherently evil. And some porn is WAY more over-the-top than others. What disturbs me is that this person, in her first sentence, identified herself and her boyfriend as young Christians. When someone says that as part of an introduction, that tells me they feel strongly about living their life as a Christian. Pornography is considered a sin in most churches. Divorce is not looked upon kindly either. I just envision a rocky road ahead for these people.


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