Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh, the Weather Outside is SNOWY

When I went to bed last night, the weather man said we might get about three inches of snow overnight. That was to be topped off by up to 12 inches on Saturday.

Not too long after I came downstairs this morning (Saturday), I decided to take a picture of Shannon's car.

The snow was a bit deeper than a few inches.

This image was taken five hours after the first one.

This shot was after another three hours had passed.

And this was taken after another two and a half hours (around 7:00 PM).

By just after 9:00, the door handle could no longer be seen and the mirror had almost disappeared. The entire car had almost vanished. But it may have FINALLY stopped snowing.

Wanna see my car? It's much bigger than Shannon's, after all.

Good thing there's a mirror on the side, eh?

The airport won't release the official numbers until after midnight. I'm going to guess we got at least 23 inches of snow in less than 24 hours.

But, you know what? I LOVE snow. The dogs and I had a blast outside today.

Here you can see Meg completely airborne. The snow brings out her inner puppy.

She's even in the lead as the girls all cavort around the yard. (This picture was shown on the local TV station -- ABC2News -- after I submitted it by e-mail.)

You know I had to include at least one picture with Belle's ears flying, right?

The previous four shots were taken around noon. The snow wasn't very deep then. Yet Belle still looked like this...

We didn't go out again until about 4:00. The snow was so deep by then, Belle's body created a plow effect as she ran.

That doesn't help her snowball issue at all.

But she sure enjoys running through the snow.

The snow was so deep by 4:00 that our wall was almost completely hidden. Belle is the only one that cleared the wall cleanly. Meg did a face plant into the snow. Poor K forgot the wall was there and ran right into it.

She was a bit shaken by that, and was slow to get back into the swing of playtime.

She even went and sat on the step for a bit.

But soon enough she was back to normal.

Even Meg was still feeling pretty feisty. That's her inner puppy again. She is absolutely exhausted now, though.

The dogs really do love the snow.

So I had to let them out to play again after dinner. Even if that did mean I would have to de-ball Belle yet again. She's pretty good about not giving me a hard time while I brush the MANY snowballs out of her hair.

After K's wall incident, I shoveled out a spot so the wall could clearly be seen by all.

I think it's a really cool picture. It was taken earlier this evening. Since it may have actually stopped snowing, perhaps I can go out and get some more nighttime snow shots.

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  1. Oh man, I'm missing a blizzard! :-( When you emailed me the snow picture earlier, I didn't even realize that it was a pic of my car! My tiny little (white) car is buried!

    The dogs sure look like they're having fun and the "snowballs" are just too funny. :-)


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