Monday, December 21, 2009

Blizzard Aftermath

So, wanna know what my world looked like the day after the blizzard dropped about 23 inches (58 cm) of snow on us?

People tend to get cabin fever and do weird stuff when trapped by snow. I decorated the Christmas tree (finally!) and, while doing so, took some pictures of FibroDuck with some of our more unique ornaments.

I also took lots of pictures. Lots and lots, I should say. A blanket of snow just makes things look so much more interesting.

I took the above shot around 6:30 AM from the front window of our house. On the far left, covered in snow, is my car. In front of that, toward the center of the frame, is Shannon's car.

This is the view from our front door.

And here's what it looked like from inside our garage moments after Hubby started to shovel.

That's my car in the foreground. It's still snow-covered. So is our front sidewalk. I might have to clean my car off soon so I can get all my last-minute Christmas stuff done.

Here's my happy Hubby in the newly shoveled driveway.

The view of our street from the bottom of the driveway.

One of MANY dog pics I have to share. Belle and K have been chasing each other and having a blast in the snow.

Meg has fun in the snow, too, despite the grumpy look she has in this picture. (I'll post more snow-dog pictures eventually.)

I actually took this photo at about 11:00 PM on Saturday night, not too long after the snow had stopped. Because it was nighttime, the camera shutter stayed open for about 4 seconds. I am not sure why the sky is so pink, but I think the overall effect is pretty cool.

And now, I need to get to work.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Wow, and I thought WE were getting snow! Is that Shannon's Smart car? Looks even cuter snowed under... :-) I agree, the pink sky is very very cool.

  2. Very cool pictures, I agree the pink sky makes it look Christmasey. Does anyone plow your street, so you can get out to do last minute shopping?

  3. Our street was plowed today, but it is still an icy, rutted mess. I went out yesterday in Mike's truck (4-wheel-drive). And I actually did clean off my car during my lunch hour so I could get out this evening. It's not too bad considering how much snow we had. The store parking lots are another story!

  4. I think it's wild that the sky at 6:30am and at 11pm pretty much looks the same. Very pretty snow pics.


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