Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Such a Happy Dog After All

K has been with us for a whole month now. She really feels like part of the family. But then, she's fit in right from the start.

Those of you who have been following the transition have seen how happy she looks. Or has looked, I should say.

She's not looking so happy anymore.

Yes, there is a specific reason for that.

I think she is now convinced that we are total weirdos.


Does she look happy to you? She's not.

Do you want to know why she's now so unhappy?

Why I think she thinks we are weirdos?

It's sort of a longish story, which I'll do my best to shorten.

It's actually Meg's fault. You see, Meg is a brown dog with a white tail. The woods around our West Virginia place are full of deer, which are brown with white tails. (They aren't call whitetailed deer for nothing!) Although there's no hunting allowed in our community, hunters aren't always the smartest bunch. And I didn't want Meg to be mistaken for a deer.

She's too dear to use for that (pun intended). So, I outfitted her and CeCe with what I call "don't shoot me" vests.

Since Belle joined the family after hunting season, she didn't have one. We let Belle borrow CeCe's vest during our last WV visit. But it still says "CeCe". So I made her one of her own.

Of course, K didn't have one either. So she got a new "don't shoot me" vest, too. Which is why she is so unhappy.

Apparently, K much prefers running around naked. Not only did she not want me to put the thing on her, once she had it on she didn't want to move.

She was giving me this look as if to say, "This is stupid. I feel like a huge dork. I am not going anywhere until you take this thing off of me."

As you can see, she finally relented. When outside, K is not one to stand in one place for very long. She wasn't happy about it, but she didn't want to stay still either.

She got used to it after a while. Maybe she figured if Belle and Meg were wearing outfits, it must be okay for her, too.

Soon enough she was back to her happy self. Maybe that was because I declared the fitting session over and let her get back to cavorting naked through the yard?

I guess her previous owners didn't play dress-up with her.

I suppose she does still have some more adjusting to do after all.

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