Thursday, December 10, 2009

And So It Goes

I do realize we're almost eleven days into December and I have done a seriously crappy job finding taste-free Christmas stuff. I have encountered some other taste-free stuff that I would totally love to blog about. Because, really, it is AB-sah-LUTE-ly (you have to pronounce that like you're from the UK) hysterical yet, at the same time, sad. Pathetic sad and just plain unfortunate sad. But that's a can of slime I'd rather leave covered. So...

Did you notice that for like two whole days there were pictures of my oldest daughter, Shannon, from various stages of her youth posted here? She turned 31 on Tuesday, and that's how I decided to celebrate/spread the word. She's halfway around the world in India now, you know.

On another topic, I got a note from K's foster Mom this morning saying, essentially, "Enough already, send more pics!" So, I snapped a photo or two (or 100) today while the dogs were out on their various potty breaks.

The first picture below might just be my absolute, all-time favorite (in the humor category).

Belle and her weird expressions crack me up. It's not like she's trying to make weird faces, I just happen to snap quite a few pics of her wearing odd expressions.

Other times, like when she's sleeping, she just looks really cute. Just like a kid. Who would ever think this cute little girl can go from Sleeping Beauty to...

... a crazy little dynamo that LOVES chasing K anywhere and everywhere?

Speaking of K, she looks pretty cute when she is sleeping, too.

Hubby and I just love the coloring on her feet. And her brown toes. Her bald belly is pretty cool, too.

Have you been wondering what life with three dogs is really like?

It's just like this. Meg and I meander aimlessly while K and Belle rip around the yard like tasmanian devil-dogs.

Meg really is quite happy to have K around as the focus for Belle's "play with me" games. And I have been very well entertained. In this picture, it looks like Meg is at a standstill. Compared to them, she is. Those young ones are FAST.

Anyway... just one last little dog anecdote before I call it a night.

Meg is and always has been very stubborn and demanding. She snorts, forces out sneezes, mumbles, growls, and does whatever else she needs to do to get our attention when she wants our attention. When it's close to dinner time and she thinks we should be feeding her, which usually happens to be right in the middle of our preparing to feed the people in the house, she licks out the dog bowls. Not just a quick lick, lick, lick either. Long, slow, loud forceful licks that make the bowl slide all over the floor. It's annoying.

Yes, we should ignore her. But IT IS ANNOYING. So, like last night, when I heard the above scenario being played out, I said "Meg!" quite sternly.

And then I looked up and saw this...

It wasn't Meg after all. It was our cute little Tinkerbelle. She actually had both front feet on the rim of the bowl. But, by the time I'd snatched the camera off the counter to fire off the above shot, she'd already removed one foot.

Doesn't she look pathetic? That's even her bowl.

Maybe tomorrow I'll encounter some taste-free Christmas stuff to share. Or maybe I'll just snap some more dog pics.


  1. Alright already I am hungry!
    Love the pictures.
    Sounds like the before Foster Mom is homesick for K.
    So when are you getting K a Christmas outfit.

  2. Yes Doris, I do miss her, but I know she's in a great place with people who love her. I love seeing the pictures of her. I had a foster before K, and I've only seen 1 picture and that makes me sad. It makes it a lot easier when I get updates.

  3. Mom, Christmas outfits are on my list of to dos. I just finished new coats for Belle and K, except for the snaps, which I still need to apply. Hopefully, the new attire will be done this weekend. (-:


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