Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You're Doing What?

"You're doing what?" is essentially the reaction I got from Mawsie (my Mom) when I told her about our exciting news.

This is not the best picture of Mawsie, since she looks all pissed off (she doesn't like dogs). But it's recent, so I decided to use it.


She didn't take the news as well as I thought she would. I mean, you'd think she'd understand that, with Eric having just moved out, things are a bit quiet here at the ToadMama Maryland abode. I know he hasn't been gone long, but this empty nest thing is, well, weird. It's so, um, boring?

Yeah that's it. Without the proverbial patter of little feet running around it's just plain dull. Meg, at 10.5, is down with dull, to a degree, but not so okay with a bored 2.5-year-old Belle harassing her. I try to keep Belle entertained, but playing with adult people is apparently just not that much fun. If the grandkids lived closer and weren't always so busy, they could come liven things up. But, if they did, it would just be boring again when they left.

Considering that I am still relatively young, Hubby and I thought long and hard, then longer and harder, and made the decision to expand the family. There's just something about a third little being calling me "Mama" that tickles me.

Yep, believe it or not, we're adopting another baby girl. And we're naming her Kay.

She's about 3.5 years old. It may not look like it, but she is a Brittany, like Meg and Belle. She has a fairly uncommon liver and white roan coat. The "roan" just means she's got patches of fur where white and colored hair grow together. So she can't be described as white with liver markings and ticking (aka "dots").

We (Meg, Belle and I) went to meet Kay on Sunday. Belle, who is always bashful with new dogs and people, took a little while to warm up to her.

Meg was fine with Kay from the start. They'll need to figure out who is top dog, which is normal, but I don't foresee any major issues. Meg and Belle went through the same thing.

Kay is larger than Belle, who is a tiny little Britt, but not quite as big as Meg.

I do believe Kay will be the perfect playmate for Belle, but I also think she might just become Meg's occasional (we hope!) partner in crime. Both were equally intrigued by the open door at the foster family's house because there was a cat in the room beyond.

I didn't realize, until I was reviewing the pictures, that Kay does the same weird neck thing that Meg does. Instead of turning her head left or right and looking over her shoulder, Meg will often just lift her chin straight up and back, like Kay is doing in the picture above.

Hubby and I are both quite excited about the expansion. I would love to post a picture of Hubby and I looking excited about the expansion, but he's off work this week, hanging out at the WV place. So, you'll just have to trust me.

Kay is moving in on Sunday, November 8. Hubby, the girls and I can't wait.

As for my Mom... she may like to pretend she doesn't like dogs...

...but she can't seem to resist sweet old Meg. Meg is, after all, her oldest Granddog.

Of course, not many people can resist Meg.

UPDATE: I just HAD to add this picture, which K's foster Mom e-mailed me just minutes ago.

That's K waving "hi" to her new family.


  1. Uh...
    You spelled our new addition's name wrong.

    It's NOT Kay

    It's K

    Just like C's name - easy to spell.

  2. Lol Mike! We call our Bella "B" often. Bella B ruuning, Bella B hunting, etc. I like her new name.
    Kathy, I love this blog!
    Happy Wishes,

  3. Thanks, Jenn! Mike named our first dog, too. C. Who we often called CeCe or, my favorite, C Doggy Dog (her rap name).

  4. Okay, I am not fond of dogs-the reason many years ago, Aunt Doris had a black cocker spaniel and while visiting Grandma Shannon first thing in the morning she attacked my toes. Your right your Brittanys are nice, but hey I can't help Meg just loves to sit on my lap. I really do enjoy Meg doing this and besides which that weekend is the first in a very long time-I really was having loads of fun and enjoying myself a first for me. Thanks Kathy and Mike, I am hoping this is a first of many enjoyable days to come. Welocme K to your family and just maybe she will get on my lap.

    Mawsie (Mom)

  5. Ok, so I already knew about the famıly addıtıon. What I dıdn't know was that Erıc moved out. When dıd that happen?!

    The last pıc of K ıs cute. I'm sad that I'll have to waıt so long to meet her.

  6. I just had to comment about what a SWEETIE that girl K is! Congratulations on your new addition!!!

  7. Shan, Eric's exit has been a gradual thing over the last month or so. Maybe longer? Not sure. I can't believe I didn't tell you what was going on. No drama or anything, he just got tired of living with us old folks. Plus, with Fall pending, I think he wanted to get out before "his" leaves covered the yard again!

  8. Hey Kathy and Mike - congrats on this gorgeous addition to your family!! She looks absolutely beautiful (and very cute in that last picture).


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