Friday, November 6, 2009

Mornings At My House

I am not a morning person. Either is Meg. She and I are a lot alike in that regard.

Belle on the other hand, as I have mentioned previously, is a morning girl. And that makes her a perfect Alarm Belle.

I finally decided to take my camera to bed with me (don't worry, Hubby is away) to document how Belle wakes me up in the mornings. Now, this picture makes her look like her legs are enormous. But it's just a perspective thing.

I am not holding her in place. I am petting her. If I don't, she beats on the bed as if she were playing bongos. Which is totally cute, but can be very annoying to a non-morning girl.

Meg is never ready to jump out of bed all happy either. Can you see that she's got her feet covering her eyes? And can you see Belle getting disgusted because I STILL haven't gotten out of bed?

Now can you see Meg covering her eyes? She's such a goof.

That's K's bed in the background, by the way. Just a couple more days and it'll be filled. I'm interested to see where she fits in the whole morning routine.

On a completely unrelated note...

I had to share one of my favorite Fibro Duck pictures (the seagulls totally wanted to eat Spotty Dotty). Some people have asked me why the Fibromyalgia Association UK chose a duck to bring attention to Fibromyalgia. Although I've been doing my part to take fun pictures of Spotty Dotty for a while now, I couldn't answer that question. But now, I can. Here's what they say on the Fibromyalgia Association UK's Web site...
... people with fibromyalgia are like ducks out of water. Before developing fibromyalgia they were hard working, fiercely independent people. After fibromyalgia their pain and fatigue prevents them from performing many of the tasks they took pride in. They have to rely on others everyday and stress about the things all around them that have to go undone. They are forced to live a life that is alien to them – like a duck out of water. The duck can survive on land but its movement isn’t quick and fluent the way it is in water. So the challenge is to draw attention to fibromyalgia by using the duck in places a duck wouldn’t usually go.
Wanna see all of my Fibro Duck pictures on Flickr? I'm not the only person going this, you know. You can see more Fibro Duck pictures, too, taken by other people around the world.

Here's another of my Spotty Dotty shots that I find particularly interesting, if I do say so myself.

I like the next one, too, 'cause it shows my "runner" shirt (like I am really a runner) and my 5k ID number.

Okay, I'll stop. I'm thinking no one is probably having as much fun looking at these images as I'm having creating them. Besides, I need to get to work. Well, FFFF...

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  1. Your wrong, I am enjoying your pictures, and I was wondering about Spotty Ducky. That is very inteesting. It's a good idea to have a duck in places you would never find a duck. Maybe the Scleroderma Foundation could come up with an idea like that.

    Have a GREAT DAY

    Mawsie (MOM)


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