Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day-After Doldrums

Can I just say that I hate the term, "Black Friday"? I do. In all honesty, I hate what Black Friday has become. It's just one more example of the over-commercialization of Christmas.

Not that I am super (or even remotely) religious. But Christmas should be about families and friends sharing and treasuring the time together. Giving gifts if you want to and not because you feel like you have to. Gifts that you choose, that have some meaning or are special in some way.

Anyway... I won't go on and on.

Thinking about Christmas just puts me in a bad mood. So I'll talk about Thanksgiving instead, even if it is history.

This is the first time Hubby and I have spent Thanksgiving at the WV place. It was quiet. Very, very quiet. It also happened to be K's first time here. (Yep, I'm back to talking about dogs again.)

Poor K. She's only been with us for two weeks. Before that, it was three weeks in a foster home (don't worry, it was a great one). Prior to that, about two weeks with an older woman who adopted her and then realized K has way too much energy. Before that, a couple of weeks in the same foster home. And before that, she was in a shelter, but I don't know for how long.

To make a long story short, the girl has been around.

So, I wonder what she was thinking when she was loaded into a vehicle, AGAIN, and taken to a strange house? At least she was with us. But dogs don't get the concept of a vacation home. And it's tiny. Way smaller than the MD place. All of the floors are slippery, too. So not only is there no room to run, it's very hard for the dogs to run.

All in all, K seems to have adjusted to this house well, too. In the picture above, she's in her new bed. The one that I made too skinny. But all the dogs seems to like it.

Yesterday afternoon, I gave them all some treats. K is on one of the bigger beds in this image.

Anyway, K does seem to like it here, except for the fact that we can't let her off leash to run. She is one of those dogs that has a super-sensitive nose, and when she gets onto a scent, that's all she is focused on. So, until we teach her to come when called every single time, no matter what she is doing, she's going to be on a leash.

I feel bad, because Meg and Belle get to run ahead of us, fast, through the woods. But I'd feel worse if K disappeared, never to be seen by us again.

Speaking of running through the woods... it's hunting season. That time of year when we make the dogs wear their "don't shoot me" vests. So no idiot mistakes one of the dogs for a deer. I made Meg and C's vests, but I haven't gotten around to making vests for Belle and K. So, Belle had to borrow C's vest...

... which still says CeCe, by the way. I think C would understand.

Hopefully, before we come back, Belle and K will have their own vests to wear. They won't be blaze orange, though. I could tell you what color they will be, but what fun is that? Then you wouldn't have anything to look forward to!


  1. But blaze orange says "don't shoot me" better than any other color!

  2. That's true. But it also makes people thing the dogs belong to a hunter. Hunting is not allowed in our subdivision, and residents that don't know us, but see our dogs, supposedly think hunters are sending their dogs in here to chase the deer out.

    So, as long as they clearly stand out from the woods, I think they'll be safe. Belle never goes far from us at all, though. And K will be tied to us for quite a while. So they'll be safe. I just feel bad for K because the other dogs get dressed up in the morning, and she doesn't.

  3. You are right...K has had her share of "vacations". I felt bad for her too...I almost kept her the when she came back. I'm glad I didn't though, because she is so happy with you. She's really looking great! I'm so glad she found such a nice home. Love the vests!!


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