Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Today is Hubby's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUBBY!

Shannon actually took this picture during Christmas 2008. I don't have many images of Hubby to choose from as I write this. We're at the WV place and most of my pics are at home on the network. So that one will have to do. Unless you want to look at last year's birthday pics.

Speaking of pictures, here are a few odd ones for you.

The other day in Washington, DC, I saw this woman walking her kid/grand kid on a leash. The first thing I thought was "Jedi on a leash!" A Jedi is a Star Wars character with crazy mental powers.

I've never really been opposed to leashing children. I just think it looks silly and would never do it myself. But if your child is a Jedi Knight, it's probably better to leash her/him.

Speaking of kids looking silly on leashes, check this out.

- - - - -

You've seen signs like this on truck trailers, right?

This is only one example. There are many variations of this warning. In a nutshell, it means this... if you are following a truck with it's right turn signal blinking that moves into the left lane, don't try to pass on the right. If you do, you'll get smushed.

The owner of the trailer shown below apparently got tired of people not understanding the standard wide right turn warning signs and took matters into his own hands.

Hubby gets the credit for spotting this one.

If you click on the image, you'll get a larger view.

- - - - -

Can you guess what this is?

- - - - -

Want more weird pics? Sorry, I'm all out. This site should keep you entertained though.


  1. Damn, no fair, you scheduled that post and you beat mine by an hour even though I´m ahead of you six hours!

    That last pic looks to me to be in a subway or train station. But I´m probably wrong. . .

  2. Thank you Dear, for the birthday wishes. :-)
    I think I'll walk across the room and give ya a kiss!


  3. Well, once again I forgot Mike's Birthday, but thanks Shannon for reminding me-

    MOM and DAD

  4. Shan, you're right. It's the DC Metro. (-:


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