Saturday, September 19, 2009

That One Sweet Shot

I take lots of pictures. Some are pretty good. Some are not so good.

But every now and then I capture that one image that makes all the trial and error worthwhile.

The girls and I stayed home from WV this weekend. I figured since I was home, I'd go see the grandkids.

Of course I had to ask them to line up for a picture. They complied nicely and I got this image.

Technically speaking, it's not a great shot. I mean, it's okay. They look cute and all, but don't they always? The flash fired, too, so I'm not crazy about the light.

I asked Brianna to step forward a bit then clicked a few more times. That's when I got this...

Is that priceless or what? I didn't tell them to act goofy or anything. They just decided to ham it up for me. And I am so glad. I absolutely love this picture.

Amy doesn't think they look normal in the second shot. I disagree. I think the second shot is way cuter than the first. It shows their personalities. The lighting was perfect, too, which always helps. Natural light is so much better than flash.

So that's my one sweet shot of the day.

As a side note... a big thanks to those of you who admitted to following me. I'm still hopeful more will jump on the bandwagon soon. Seven followers is better than three, but I know there are more of you out there. Learn how to become a follower here.


  1. As I already mentioned via email, that pic just might have to be printed so it can come with me on my trip - it's completely adorable.

    Re your side note: I'm trying to follow (and have been for days), but for some reason Google keeps freezing up on me when I try to add my picture. Oh, wait, I think I just figured out a way around it. Never mind. :-)


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