Tuesday, September 22, 2009

People Who Hunt

I'm not a hunter. It's not that I am against hunting, it's just that I am a city girl. And I personally don't feel a need to hunt.

Had I grown up in Alaska, where hunting is a necessity for many and a way of life for many more, I'd probably be a hunter, too. And a fisherwoman. And a dogsled owner. And a hiker. I'd probably know how to walk in snowshoes, too.

But back to hunting. The following picture tickled me. This is not the sort of woman I'd picture if someone told me to imagine a woman who hunts. I mean, this chick is one of those naturally pretty women that some other women might secretly hate. She's the type that probably looks good even first thing in the morning, after having slept, unshowered, in a tent. She's got a pretty smile, great hair, and...

...the guts to pose with two recently murdered deer.

Her name is Josy. She looks a bit rougher on day two of hunting. Maybe it's just the bloody deer that makes her look rougher. Or maybe she doesn't look all that great after sleeping in the wild.

I don't know this woman. I saw her in the hunting gallery on the Anchorage Daily News Web site.

Like I said, I'm not a hunter. But if I were, and I shot and had the stomach to butcher and decapitate five deer, this the kind of picture I would take.

Anyway... if you want to see how other folks live and spend their spare time, check out the hunting gallery for yourself.

If nothing else, at least look at the size of the bear this kid killed.

Oh my.

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  1. "Murder," "butcher," and "decapitate." Hmmm. How do you really feel about hunting? :-)


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