Saturday, August 22, 2009

You Call This a Highway?

What do two motorcyclists do when there are places they want to go and it's raining? They hop in the truck and go, of course. We saw some cool stuff, too.

The coolest and most unexpected was Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia. We were riding down what we thought was just another country lane, skirting a national forest, when we came upon this beautiful, 100-year-old resort.

It was raining, so I didn't get many pictures. I'll have to go back for sure. It was really quite interesting.

We're still scoping out real estate possibilities in Virginia. Today we ended up exploring parts of Shenandoah County. Fort Valley, to be specific. Hubby plotted the route. I had no idea we'd actually be driving through a friend's town. We'll have to stop in for a visit next time.

The whole area was very pretty. We were very thankful that we were not on motorcycles, though, as originally planned. Because we were on lots of rough dirt/gravel roads. It seems we saw a nice chunk of the George Washington National Forest.

We were on this very narrow gravel road that I kid you not must have been chiseled into the side of the mountain. According to Hubby's GPS, we were on "Highway" 691. It was unlike any highway I've ever seen, but we enjoyed it.

That's where I snapped one of what I call my Rainy Shenandoah images. The other one is below. There's a term for clouds hanging over valleys like this, but it has escaped me.

As we were driving, I said to Hubby, "See. If I were a Forest Ranger, I'd get paid to drive on roads like this all the time."

He said I'd get tired of it. I think not.

Though, if I did work here, I'd have to contact the company that supplies maps to the GPS system companies. I'd send them the following image and say...

"Dude. According to you people, this is HIGHWAY 59. Does this look like a highway to you? Yeah, it's pretty. But it should be labeled a forest road, or a gravel road, or maybe even an unimproved county road."

It was a nice road, really, but it's definitely not a road we'd want to be traveling on motorcycles in the rain.

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