Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh, Enough Already

I'm not whining again. I am just stating a fact. It is WAY too hot here.

Some might say it's just the dog days of summer. I'm not buying that, though. I have dogs, remember. Even they think it is way too (insert your own expletive) hot!

Seriously. It was like 80 degrees this morning with about 500% humidity. The definition of sultry. The air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Come on Fall!

The cartoon used in today's post was created by James Pendergrast. I have to give credit where credit is due, right?

Know what yesterday was? Thirsty Third Thursday. Amy and I met up with Shannon at her place in the city (Baltimore) for some yummy, fruity margaritas followed by a trip to Brewer's Art. On a nice, Fall day, it would have been a pleasant walk. Nevertheless, it was nice. I think I have a new food to obsess over... Rosemary Garlic Fries. I ate a cheeseburger, too, which was one of the best I'd had in a long time. But the fries were to die for. Hand-cut into shoestrings (think julienned, but slightly bigger), deep-fried in canola oil, seasoned with rosemary garlic salt and served with a side of mayo. YUM.

I wish I'd had my camera. I'll take it with me for September's TTT for sure. It's the last time Shannon will be with us for a while. Something I'd rather not think about right now. So...

Wanna know what the air outside looks like right now? Check out this pic.

Enough already, for this heat and this blog post. A girl has to earn a living you know.


  1. Damn, those fries were good, weren't they? I wish I'd stolen more off of Amy's plate. Lucky for me, I could just walk there again tonight. Or tomorrow night. Or whatever night. :-)

  2. Yep, they were awesome. If they were within walking distance of my house, and it weren't so daggone hot, I'd walk over and get some now. Except I am 3 minutes from leaving for WV!


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