Friday, August 7, 2009

Rain Running

I did actually do the run thing yesterday. Despite the rain.

For the record, it was not my intention to run in the rain. But when I checked the radar, this is what I got.

See the straight, green line? There's obviously an error. Radar readings and/or clouds are never that straight. But what's really weird is that the line is across the exact middle of my run route.

When I left my house, it was not raining. Once I hit the green area, about 90 seconds into my run, it was raining. The radar is never that exact. Today, it was.

Here's a lovely picture for you. You can't really tell by looking at this shot, but I was soaked.

Between the sweat and the rain, there wasn't a dry bit of skin anywhere on my body. The rain actually felt kind of good.

That big bottle you see in my hand holds some of the water I need to drink every day. It's only 50 ounces, though. I have to drink 14 more ounces on top of that. It's a lot of water, but it helps.

Thank goodness the bathroom is 10 steps from my desk.

On another note... I calculated my pace today after the run. I forget how much ground I covered and in what amount of time, but it worked out to 12:18 per mile.

Now, if I can keep that up for 10 miles, I won't be one of the humiliated folks who get kicked off the ATM course for being too slow.

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