Friday, August 7, 2009

A Numbers Thing

I'm not much of a moviegoer, but I do watch movies at home occasionally. One of my favorites, which will always be a classic in my mind, is Erin Brockovich. That girl has serious 'tude.

One memorable scene is when George, Erin's soon-to-be-boyfriend, asks for her phone number. She says something like, "You want my number? Which one do you want?"

He laughs and says, "How many numbers have you got?"

"I got numbers comin' outta my ears!" she says. "Like, 10."

"Ten?" puzzles George.

"Yeah, that's how many months old my baby girl is. Sexy, eh? How about six? That's my other daughter. Eight is the age of my son. Two is how many times I've been married. And divorced. Sixteen is the number of dollars in my bank account. 850-3943, that's my phone number. And with all the numbers I gave you, I'm guessing zero is the number of times you're gonna call it."

See what I mean? Attitude!

I have some numbers to share, too.

First... 29.2. That was my BMI back in May when I started this adventure in reduction. BMI (body mass index) is calculated based on one's height and weight. It's a general but fairly reliable measure of fatness.

A BMI between 15.5 and 24.9 is considered normal. A BMI between 25.0 and 29.9 means you are overweight. A BMI of 30.0 or above means you are obese.

After having lost 25 pounds, my BMI is now 25.5. That's much better, but I am still considered overweight. Losing five more pounds will give me a BMI of 24.8. I'll be NORMAL! I've always wanted to be normal... (Wanna know your BMI? Try the Center for Disease Control's BMI calculator.)

Wait, I have more numbers to share.

Wanna guess what 29.5 is? The number of minutes I ran today. Awesome, eh? It's awesome to me.

Even more exciting to me is 2.47. That's the number of miles I covered.

Finally, 11:54 is my pace. As in my average speed was 11 minutes and 54 seconds per mile. That means not only did I run longer today, I went faster.

My run route (courtesy of is shown above. You can see my workout stats, too.

I forgot to mention 283. That's how many calories I burned.

And, finally, 0. That's how many more of my numbers you have to read about.

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