Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How MOMstar Knew

A couple of folks have asked how the MOMstar Navigation service knew which would be the best part of the coast to see. After all, as the post said, it's a big coast.

Here's what the one company official willing to provide input told us. "It's based a lot on personal experience coupled with good mapping skills. The latter is key, but both are important."

The same official said, "If you've ever visited a place after your mother has visited that same place, you'll know, without a doubt, which spots you should see."

Why Big Sur? Two words sum it up nicely... dramatic scenery. Here are a couple of pics from when Hubby and I visited back in 2003.

As an aside... Hubby took all of these pics with his old Sony Mavica digital camera. I was still using film.

Big Sur is a region of the central California coast. It's where the Santa Lucia Mountains rise sharply out of the Pacific Ocean. Any time you have mountains rising sharply, especially near water, you have beautiful scenery.

Have a few minutes to kill? Watch this nice little video I found at Flickr. It has sound, too. A very catchy little tune I'll probably be humming all day...

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  1. Film? What's that? And you were using it at recently as *2003*? Weird. :-)


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