Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Foolproof Swine Flu Diagnostic Tool

Now, I'm not one to panic. Yes, I know the Swine Flu is out there. Yes, I know it can hit me as easily as it can hit anyone else. I'm just not losing any sleep worrying about it.

However, I was at my doctor's office yesterday. She told me about a paper she'd read in one of her journals that explained exactly how one can tell, without a doubt, if what ails them is the Swine Flu.

Wanna know how?

First, you need one of these.

Make sure there's lots of light, too, 'cause you'll have to look pretty closely.

Now, look in the mirror.

If you look like this, you're screwed.

If you don't look like this, you should be okay. I hope.

My Mom gets credit for e-mailing me this image, which I just had to share.

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