Friday, July 31, 2009

I Just Can't Do It

Call me a wuss. Or a sissy. Or a loser. Or you pick the moniker.

I just can't bring myself to go out and run today.

Wednesday, it was 75 degrees with 76% humidity when I ran. That, coupled with a personal issue of the female variety, made the jog/walk routine close to intolerable. But I still did jog a full 18 minutes.

Today, when I stepped outside with the dogs, I was immediately enveloped in a thick, warm, wet blanket of air. I checked the Weather Channel Web site. The temperature was again 75 degrees, but with 90% humidity. And that issue of a personal nature is still nagging me.

I did not run. I just couldn't. I chose to stay in air-conditioned comfort instead.

How much does humidity really matter? Only a non-Marylander would ask. It's 79 degrees in my office right now. But the humidity level is only at 36% (yes, I have a thermometer in here).

Oh well. Perhaps I'll get back out there tomorrow.

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