Monday, July 27, 2009


A couple of notable events happened today.

I ran my first 20-minute session! I was excited. Well, if I'm being honest, "excited" is probably not the best descriptor.

I was tired and quite sweaty afterward, but also happy to have done 20 minutes. Despite the fact that the dreaded humidity has returned to Central Maryland. After a string of three consecutive days with morning temperatures in the upper 50s/low 60s, that was pretty hard to take. We experienced those temps at the WV place, where the AC didn't run much at all from Thursday through Monday afternoon, which is when Hubby left to come home.

Wanna know why Hubby didn't come home until today (Monday)? He had to wait for the guy from Frontier Communications (our phone company) to come and install our Internet service. Yep, we have finally entered the digital age. Not because were were going through withdrawal or anything, but because we plan on installing a security camera. The Internet service is necessary to transmit the images to us in Maryland, or wherever in the world we happen to be. Assuming we have access to the Internet from that place, too. So now, if our alarm goes off, as it has in the past (twice for no clear reason), we won't have to call the Sheriff to go and check things out until we know for sure that there's a problem.

Finally, I might have the answer to the odd fatigue I've been whining about.

Eating before running didn't help, it just gave me abdominal cramps. Drinking lots of water did help, I felt better after making sure I ingested 64+ ounces the day before. But I still felt a little off.

A couple of months ago, my primary care doctor told me to start taking an iron supplement since I was borderline anemic, which is not uncommon in certain women my age. No big deal right? That's what I thought.

I went for my yearly endocrinologist visit today. She always asks if my meds are the same. When I mentioned the iron, she was concerned that it might be affecting the absorption of Synthroid since, for months, I have been taking both together every morning. A couple of hours later, she called me with preliminary blood results that, sure enough, indicated I have not been getting enough Synthroid into my system. Iron, like calcium, cannot be taken at the same time or even within hours of Synthroid.

I'll have to see if that's it. I sure hope so.October is approaching fast. I know 20 minutes is good, but it's nowhere near 10 miles...

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  1. That is awesome! Congrats on 20 minutes! And I guess, in a way, your mom was right about seeing your doctor, huh? ;-)


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