Thursday, June 25, 2009

Now I'm Invested

It's been such a busy week that I forgot to update you on my training progress.

This week was to be my 10/5, 10/5 routine (jogging minutes/walking minutes). Remember, by the end of last week, I'd made it to 5/5, 5/5, 5/5.

Monday started off a bit rough. I didn't make my 10 minutes. It turned into 8/7, 4/11. But at least I'd managed to jog for 8 minutes. A week prior, I couldn't make 5. I missed yesterday. But I did get outside today. And, despite the 80 degree temps and blazing sun, I did manage to do the first 10/5. But then I pooped out and only did about a 3/12. It was hot. I really need to get out there either early morning or just before dark.

But I did jog for a whole 10 minutes. You know why? See for yourself.

Yep my new shoes, the Supernova Sequence, have arrived. They worked, too.

Maybe they'll work even better next time and I'll be able to do two, 10-minute stints.

I wish I was progressing faster, but at least I am progressing.

And for my photography fans who think the above shot is kind of boring, less artsy than the stuff I usually share, check this out...

Click on the pics and you'll see the full size image.

Seriously, though. I need to figure out what I can eat for breakfast, at the crack of dawn, that will give me energy but not be sloshing around in my belly and making me barf. All ideas are welcome.


  1. Love the shoe pictures and especially with Mr. Frog looking on.

    Something good for breakfast before your workout. How about a Protein Bar or one of those Protein Shakes.


  2. Peanut butter toast or hard boiled eggs! They're not slosh-y, but they have lots of good protein to power your workout.


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