Friday, June 19, 2009

My First Love

Ever wonder what happened to your first true love? I do. And thanks to an old episode of A&E's (cable channel) Biography show, which I just saw recently, I know.

I'm not sure why this song popped into my head today. But boy did it bring back memories. Me and my two best girlfriends at the time -- Carol and Laura -- LOVED Shaun Cassidy.

Now, I liked David Cassidy, too (his older brother). But I loved Shaun.

We all had pictures of him from various teen magazines plastered all over our bedrooms. Of course, we each owned all of his albums, which we listened to incessantly. And Laura, who was a bit spoiled, had Shaun Cassidy jeans, tee shirts, satin jacket, and maybe even a record player. I named my first hamster after him, too.

I forget what year and exactly how old we were (maybe 12?), but he actually came to Baltimore and did a concert. We all had to go. Carol was soooo excited and overwhelmed by his presence (even though we were like 6,000 feet from the stage) that she cried the whole time. Through the entire concert, she wept. Murmuring, "Oh my God, Shaun. I can't believe it's Shaun." Throughout the concert. It was weird, but certainly memorable.

Anyway, back to where he is now... He is actually a renowned writer and producer of a bunch of very popular TV shows. Here's the list. I found that interesting, though I can't say I've seen many of the shows.

Sorry if this song is stuck in your head now.

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