Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Girls' Weekend in WV

This past weekend was the first ever girls' weekend at the WV place. It was fabulous.

Unfortunately, timing wasn't good for Tracey. She couldn't make it (we missed you, Trace!). But Carol was able to come.

That's Carol pictured at right. She and I have been friends for over 30 years. Thirty years! Yikes, that sure sounds like a long time. We've known Tracey almost as long.

My doggie girls came, too. They love our WV place so much, I can't imagine going up there without them. Unless I am on my motorcycle, that is.

Anyway, it really was a very nice, relaxing weekend. It rained every day, but we did get a few dry spells. We were inside most of the time and perfectly content regardless of the weather. We were very happy the rain held off long enough that we could grill some steaks for dinner on Saturday night.

I did have a little bit of excitement on Saturday morning. I was up relatively early, thanks to Belle, and decided to load some firewood into the truck while it was still cool. I'd promised my neighbor, Jean, that I'd give her some of the extra wood we have laying around all over the place.

I was pulling small-diameter, 18" lengths of wood off the stack when I saw this...

... a pretty big black snake. In my woodpile!

Had the dogs not been around, I would've shooed it out of there. But they were nearby, so I left it alone.

A little while later, Carol, the dogs and I piled into the truck and drove to Jean's house. We saw this on the way...

We didn't visit with Jean and Buddy (her dog) for very long. The sun had finally come out, bringing with it a gazillion gnats. We stayed just long enough to unload the wood and chat for a few minutes, then we all piled back into the truck and went to town.

Sunday was pretty wet. Luckily, Hubby keeps an umbrella in the truck, so I was still able to take the girls for their morning walk.

They don't seem to mind getting wet. But they sure look pathetic when they come home all soaked.

I think Meg just wanted to take a nap.

Not long before we decided to start packing for the trip home, Belle showed up with turkey poo all over her chin (she likes to roll in the stuff).

She was quite stinky, so I had to clean her up a bit. Unfortunately for Carol, she didn't notice the poo until after Belle laid her chin on Carol's knee. Now I know that waterless dog bath works on people, too!

That cute little dog of mine can sure get into some stinky messes!

It was definitely a relaxing weekend. We really missed having Tracey there, though. We'll have to start planning the next girls' weekend at the WV place soon!

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