Monday, April 6, 2009

Playing Catch-up

My life isn't super-exciting, but it is a good life. I really can't complain.

After all, I have a super Hubby. He's a bit abnormal, but in a good way. The other day, he came home from work and I said, "Hey, by the way, if you need something to do since I am still working..."

"Um," he replied. "Who says I am looking for something to do?"

"Well, if you are looking for something to do, how about getting my bicycle out of the basement and airing up the tires?" I said before going back to work.

Not five minutes later, the air compressor was running. I peeked out of my office and saw this...

"Aw, you really do love me. Thanks," I said.

"Yeah, I love you. But that's my bike," he replied.

I could have been upset, I guess, except back to the basement he went. A short -- VERY short -- time later, this is what I saw...

Both bikes aired up and ready to go, being inspected by Meg, of course, as Belle watched the backyard for squirrels.

Not twenty minutes had passed since I asked Hubby to do this. I told you he was abnormal. Most men would have put this off for weeks, or at least until the wife nagged some more.

On another note...

Spring in Maryland is weird. One day it will be sunny and warm, the next day rainy and cold, then hot and dry. And so on.

One rainy morning I was tickled to see this guy walking around the neighborhood during a downpour.

My guess was he had serious cabin fever and needed to get OUT. Love the boots!

Yesterday, after the bit of morning exercise I reported on in my previous post, I planted this shade garden.

This one corner behind our house is always shady. The grass won't grow. All that will grow are noxious weeds that would, of course, spread into the rest of the yard. To combat the weeds, I made a little shade garden. The larger plant is mountain laurel. There are also some ferns and a couple of hosta. It may look small, but it required a good bit of digging, two trips to Lowe's (I never seem to buy the right amount of mulch, it took 6 bags!), and several trips back and forth to the rock pile on the opposite end of the yard.

I still have one more thing to plant.

That's mint. Is it wrong when you're inspired to plant by a fabulous mint margarita recipe? The recipe isn't really the inspiration. You can buy mint, after all. But it is expensive. Usually about $2.50 for a little plastic container that only holds a tiny bit of mint leaves. Once I plant this, I'll have all the mint I need. Unless the dogs eat it of course. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.


  1. Oooh, I see lots of mint margaritas in our future - yay! But be careful. . .mint can quickly get out of control and take over everything. I mean, that's what I hear. You know I have a black thumb and can't grow anything to save my life! :-)

  2. So do you think Dad can get my bike out of the basement and put air in it too? I'd like to come get it soon so I can use it.

    And I've heard of the same thing about mint. (I'm assuming Shan and I heard it from the same place...)

  3. Yep! Once mint gets started, it like rabbits, more and more. Well let's see now, don't going to tell Dad about this. As we could have given you as much mint as your heart desire. You would had been able to have those mint margaritas (last week).


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