Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Girlfriend Tried to Kill Me

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Last night, Hubby and I spent a wonderful evening with two dear friends and eight of their closest friends. A real dinner party where we got to meet not-quite-strangers. I say "not quite" because we've heard so much good stuff about these folks that it was just a matter of meeting them in person and putting faces to names.

It was really very nice. The food -- paella made from scratch, salad and bread -- was fabulous. There's was lots of wine, too. Including a bunch of sangria, which I consumed far too much of as usual.

It was really a fabulous evening. Except for the part where Kathy (the dear friend/hostess) asked me if I would run a 10-miler with her in October.

"Um. Maybe?" I replied.

"Great, we can start tomorrow. We'll just do three miles. It'll be easy. Are you in?"

"Um. I guess so," I agreed. I hate peer pressure. Of course, I'd already ingested quite a bit of sangria by then.

So, by the end of the evening, I'd somehow agreed to go to Kathy's house and run three miles this morning. When I woke, I thought it was a bad dream. Then I remembered it was real. And if I didn't get my ever-widening ass out of bed she was going to call me and say, "Well, are you coming?"

I actually got up, got dressed, drove to her house and attempted to run 3 miles. I think I succeeded in actually running three feet. But she was a good sport. I wasn't the only one drinking sangria the previous evening after all.

And it is a gorgeous morning. Spring has definitely sprung here in Maryland.

I did not run three miles. But I did walk with her. I am just so horribly out of shape that I couldn't do it. I WILL run the 10 miler in October, but I just can't start with an "easy" three miles. I need to take baby steps, work my way up to it.

I can do it, though. I am determined. I have to make some serious changes and get this aging, out-of-shape body back in the swing of things. Shed some pounds and MOVE. Not doing anything is what will kill me.

It's still pretty early. I need to plant some stuff I bought at the nursery yesterday. And Hubby and I may take a bicycle ride later. For now, though, I think I might need a nap.


  1. Way to go! I would love to do what you are working up to-just set your mind to this challenge and you will make it. Geesh loaning me the treadmill for my challenge, maybe you need it back,(BUT I HOPE NOT)! Last night I was able to do 1 minute, now don't laugh the doctor said to take it slow. I got on it again this morning, I manage 3 minutes. I am hoping by the time I go back to the lung doctor in July I will be able to do 10 minutes. That is my goal and challenge.

  2. You go girl!! You can do it...The girl I knew many moons ago would so be all over this!! You can inspire us all!!
    Hugs Grany Trace'

  3. Who starts with three miles?! Wowza, that's crazy. :-) But six months to train is a good amount of time and you know you'll feel great accomplishing that. Hmmm. It's getting me thinking. Maybe I should join you and Kathy. . .


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