Monday, April 20, 2009

Bird Humor and Welsh Talent

Back in 2001, we lost our cat, Katie, to cancer. We buried her in the backyard, beneath the bird feeder. She loved, Loved, LOVED watching the birds. We marked her grave with a very large, flat stone and a small cement cat.

The cement cat stares up at the feeder, just like Katie would, always vigilant.

It's been there for eight long years. It's been knocked over a couple of times, but has otherwise gone unmolested. Until today.

Today I happened to discover that some smart-assed bird pooped on Katie's kitty. It's not the fact of the defecation itself that it is disturbing.

After all... shit happens.

It's where the poo fell.

You have to see this one for yourself to appreciate it.

This image has not been modified. The poo is completely in its natural state.

Weird, eh?

On another note, I'm sorry I don't get to watch Britain's Got Talent. Two weeks running now, clips from the show have brought tears to my eyes. First, there was Susan Boyle. Today, Shaheen Jafarghouli. Here's the link to Susan's audition, though I can't imagine there are many who haven't already seen it on You Tube or at least mentioned on TV.

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