Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh, How Smart

Shannon, our eldest daughter, bought herself a SMART car.

It is very little. And very cute. The perfect car for Shannon. Who also happens to be very little and cute. You can tell she didn't get any of my big-girl genes! (Though today she did admit to a propensity to buying lots of fresh produce only to have it rot before she uses it. That's not genetic, but apparently does run in the family.)

Back to the car... did I mention it is VERY small? Look at the size of it next to our mailbox. Hubby is driving. That's Shannon waving happily from the passenger seat. It's a two-seater, so I stayed at home with the girls while Hubby and Shannon went for a short spin.

Upon arriving back at the house, Hubby said he did a 3-point turn, also known as a K turn, in our driveway with no problem.

Shannon's very proud of her cute little new vehicle. It really does fit her well. Next time she comes to visit, she'll have to take me for a spin.


  1. Diggin' the new whip Shan. Nice colors


  2. Thanks Eric! I am definitely loving it, but still not used to the looks that I'm getting. :-) And I know how small it is (obviously), but boy does it look really small in pictures!

  3. Also: I stole your picture to use as my g-chat pictures since I haven't taken any of my own yet. Thanks! :-)


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