Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Heat Wave... in March!

This weekend was weirdly warm. It's the first full weekend in March and we had temps in the mid seventies.

Hammock weather. In March.

The dogs weren't complaining. This was taken on Saturday when Buddy (our neighbor, the Golden Retriever) came to visit.

This one was shot earlier today after Belle discovered the wonderful bog at the end of our driveway.

There's some new yard art at the WV place, courtesy of my friend, Carol.

I've had this frog for awhile, packed away somewhere. I figured the WV yard would be a good place for him to hang out.

It was so warm, our lizard was out. He's not really our lizard, he just happens to live in the yard at our WV place.

Belle and I got some hammock time in, too.

Here's Hubby and Meg enjoying the porch. The weather was nice, even if it was weirdly warm. But I am totally not ready for the warm weather yet. I'm a cool weather girl. Though I am looking forward to Spring, I'm not ready for this sort of heat quite yet.

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  1. Buddy looks HUGE compared to your girls. And that lizard is *cool* - I don't think I knew about him. ;-)


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