Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"My" Volcano Erupted

My Mom called me last night. She knows I don't want TV hence am not always on top of current events. "I just wanted to make sure you knew your volcano erupted," she said.

I've mentioned Alaska's Redoubt volcano here previously. It's been acting up for months now. I was amazed that it didn't warrant much news coverage here in the lower 48. But this time, it has actually been discussed on CNN.

Because it erupted. Like five times. Spewing a cloud of ash and steam 60,000 feet into the atmosphere.

People aren't panicking. They have masks. They know what precautions to take. It's just another fact of life in wild and wonderful Alaska.

I did check-in on my favorite photographer couple who have become virtual pen pals over the past year. All is well. They live about 60 miles from Redoubt across the Cook Inlet. Their biggest fear is that it will remain cloudy and disrupt their upcoming trip south to Homer to take Eagle pictures. These folks have taken some of the best Eagle images I have ever seen. So I, too, hope the ash continues to move away from them.

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