Sunday, February 1, 2009

No More TV Woes

Devoted fans will remember last week's post discussing the studs Hubby supplied me with.

Here they are in place, all ready for the TV to be hung.

And here's our new TV. It fits perfectly. Of course, Hubby planned it that way. The only problem with the TV is that now we have four remotes.

You can see the remotes in the foreground of this pic. The intended subject of the picture wasn't the remotes, though. It was Belle, sharing Hubby's lap with his notebook computer. Unfortunately for Hubby, the touch pad and mouse buttons on our notebooks are sensitive to doggie chins, too, so Belle was scrolling for him as he was trying to read.


  1. That last picture is cute! I noticed you've got a new header, just wondering if you made it yourself? :)

  2. Yep, I did. Thanks for noticing. (-:

    That's mt February header.


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