Friday, January 9, 2009

Reign of Terror May Have Ended at ToadMama Abode

I continue to be amazed at how well Belle, who just joined the family on January 3, and Moses, reigning queen cat, who just happens to be about 19-20 years old, are getting along.

To understand the degree of my incredulity, you need a little bit of history.

Moses, pictured above with all hackles raised, has long struck fear in the hearts of all animals, and even some people, who have been in her presence.

In the foreground of the above shot is Champ, a pit bull, who would literally have to be carried into our house due to his fear of Moses. Even well after he became a big, fearsome-looking adult dog.

Moses has always, ALWAYS, been queen of this domain. You can see her here overseeing the disbursement of treats to Emmie (former foster dog) and C (our recently departed little girl).

She's even managed to hold her people captive at times.

Can't you just hear her thinking, "Move, buddy, and I'll kill you"?

In the past, if a dog was in its bed and Moses climbed in, said dog would rise carefully, so as not to disturb the queen, and slink off to lay on some cold, hard space.

Now, for whatever reason, Moses is actually willing to SHARE the dog bed. Maybe it's the warm, fluffy blankie Belle came equipped with?

Who knows? I'll just stop questioning and start enjoying it.

Moses and Belle seem to have become buddies. This despite the fact that Belle chases Moses and Muffin whenever an opportunity presents itself.

I'll enjoy the peace while it lasts. You can, too, 'cause it sure makes for some cute pictures. In this shot, Belle is even using Moses as a pillow!


  1. I'm still amazed by this! I wish I knew what she was thinking!

    And I love the line, "Move, buddy, and I'll kill you"....that is so her!

    So what does Meg think of it all? Does Moses allow her around at all?

  2. Amazing isn't the word, maybe you need to bring Belle to visit with Slyvia, since she is so afraid of DOGS.

    I love the pictures. I agree with Amy, I love the line, "Move, buddy, and I'll kill you...


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